​Philippines’ Dantru Presents Project next to a Landmark and Iconic Cathedral


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Dantru’s San Guillermo Shopping Complex and City’s iconic 15th century cathedral of St. Williams, Laoag City.

April 10, 2021 - Rome -- Dantru’s San Guillermo Shopping Complex in the Philippines is todays frame of network of financial aggregates of multiple sources. Complete with underground parking, a shopping passage that connects to its historic sinking tower, and a museum that leads to an array of restaurants and cafes that could bring back memory of history.

Imagine alfresco european-style dining atmosphere in a shopping complex laid in a granite cobblestone imported from Czech Republic, the same granite seen in Prague Palaces and monumental churches... complete with Bohemian crystal chandeliers, and stained glass, and pearl-infused paint made by Texi in Italy as described by Noubikko , CEO of RPConnect.

Last February, the Bishop of Laoag City and City Leaders gathered in front of the Cathedral for the ground breaking of the San Guillermo Complex, a universal transformative development towards what is geared as a solution for the post pandemic era.

Investment insights is underpinned as influential businessmen in the Philippines share real experiences of navigating turbulent times with advantages to make the transition after lockdown. The report said it indicated a propelled increase of sustainable investments by various businesses dedicated to the needs of consumers. Japanese and Koreans Investors included.

By 2023, as the planet we live will renew hope for the future, now it is necessary to take on the gloves and to work in concrete terms with the World Goals as they are a real starting point for what would like to be in a global race in business, Rey Nolasco said, CEO of RTN Holdings and keeper of the Global European Chamber of Commerce for Asia.

These great potentials for delivering business models and solutions in the world's new economies are unconventional for many but highly acceptable for savvy entrepreneurs.

Generally, there is great will and interest among the San Guillermo Complex Investors. It may be difficult to translate abstract economics goals into concrete actions and make them part of business development but commitment at all levels of business is Dantru's main recipe. Economic growth, trade, entrepreneurship, innovation and the creation of decent jobs are tasks that are largely based on concerns and efforts, Ren Sibonga, CEO of Dantru said.

The blessing of the the Bishop is a kickstart of what speculators “know” or “could be” the last pages of lockdowns worldwide. And the unique pandemic-molded platform to survive this era has, actually, propelled and increased sustainably by investors from various businesses.

“Location, location, location” is on top of the phrase. Dantru’s San Guillermo Complex is not only located in the center of Laoag city. It is in the heart of everything that even the city’s most iconic landmark, the famous 15th century St Williams Cathedral in just few steps next to it.

The people of Ilocandia is taking it as a "SIGN"...

This is how the San Guillermo Complex will look at night. A remote Solar Power Plant will be constructed to power the complex. It will be provided by Korean Group, headed by Simon Rakmo, CEO of DMC Corporation.