Rise of Iconic Buildings next to Historic Cathedral in Laoag City, Philippines


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February 15, 2021 - Manila, Philippines - A much brighter program for the Diocese of Laoag City, north of Manila, Philippines will soon catch the eyes of the world as speculation grew after it was announced that more iconic buildings are to be constructed at the heart of the city according to the insider of RPConnect.

Dantru Development Corporation Director, Arsenio R. Robledo, Jr. confirmed after the Board of Directors issued a resolution which led to the signing of contract with the Archdiocese of Laoag, Bishop Renato Mayugba, DD and Dantru CEO, Floriendelyn L. Sibonga last January 2020.

According to Dantru Development Corporation, the company has envisioned transforming the San Guillermo Cathedral Compound of Laoag City, Ilocos Norte, Philippines into a World-Class Complex Plaza which will house a 12-storey Medical Plaza, 12-storey Hotel and 4 -storey Commercial Center with 3 levels of the basement parking area and will be completed with a church museum at the lower ground and Cafe's allover. This project is expected to finish in 3 years.

Alfresco dining European-style atmosphere will soon be seen in the city and in a shopping complex laid within a granite cobblestone imported from the Czech Republic, the same granite that grace Prague Palaces and gigantic churches. Bohemian Crystal Chandeliers and Stained glass will be added to make a statement, according to Noubikko, CEO of RPConnect.

As of press time, the team of Dantru is on its way for all the necessary preparation working with professionals and experts in the industry. Rex Hofilena, one of the Philippines noted Architech is leading the design.