Handling Toxic Relationships

Marriage is tough, it comes with incomparable joys, as well as intense sorrow. When two people, both fallen and broken, enter into a loving marriage they must expect struggles and sacrifices. It is through these challenges that their love will be purified and they become witnesses to a profound commitment mostly lacking in today's world. Today we read through a secular blog that offers reasons men should consider divorce, using this as a sort of bellwether of society to get to the right understanding of marriage and how this is all horrible advice. We do our best to tread with dignity discussing the interior lives of the men brought up in the article but are honest about the falsehoods that they espouse. Learn about these 4 enemies and how to apply the practices we discuss. In addition, today we get to answer a question from a listener who asks about balancing his pursuit of a high-performance professional job and raising a family. Today we discuss a great plan to not only improve and become like Christ this Lent, but also a strategy to continue as a new man this Easter and beyond. We discuss man's need for temptation and how Satan gains entrance into our lives. We unpack why you need to know the tactics of Satan, how understanding this can provide clarity in your lives, and how you can be battle-ready to protect yourself against his attacks. The post Handling Toxic Relationships appeared first on The Catholic Gentleman.

Handling Toxic Relationships

Relationships are vitally important to our lives as men. After all, Christ told us to love our neighbor as ourselves. Yet, if we are being honest, when people are working against us, constantly rubbing us the wrong way, or are outright enemies, it can be confusing to understand how this love takes shape. Today, we dive into a conversation about how to handle toxic people in our lives. Whether they are friends or even family, the guidelines we discuss today will help you cultivate the best relationships possible. We explore 3 levels of separation between you and other people, as well as 4 reasons why you might not be on the same page as the relationships that have developed in your life.

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The post Handling Toxic Relationships appeared first on The Catholic Gentleman.